April, 2005

Newsletter 31.05.2005

"We Are Pope!"

You just make me whole again, Bildzeitung. Never mind Bild's content, but they do know how to headline. Martin Nachbar, as per Bild now pope, too, is not humble with words, either, and announces his work, which - according to the ImPulstanz website - will contribute to 8:tension 2005: "Ausflug is a piece, as it should be. Who wants can come and grab it." Equally grabful: "Thought, poetry and the body in action" - a research project by choreographer / dancer / singer / stunner Vera Mantero.

More on the pope:
More on Vera's World:
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Which is where it shows, when they are going to myoreflect, move to live by or voice & move. And with whom, cha cha cha!

As the Africans know, "Every human is a different land", alas them in Dubai are building an underwater luxury hotel boasting artificial clouds just above the sea surface (so to ban the heat down there), them in NYC are building performance spaces in their lofts, Mark Lewis & The Standards (the band project of Mark Tompkins & Nuno Rebelo) are building themselves a rock music career and Puma is building Pilates shoes.

Talking about fundamental research: May 9. Not only a Monday, but also kick-off date for research project registration (feat. Meg Stuart, Robyn Orlin, Peeping Tom, Susanne Linke etc.).

"This is not the time to occupy countries; this is the time to occupy hearts. We are fighting with the arms of emotions, and the revolt takes place under the waistline." (Austria's Zentralbuchhandlung on "The Baader-Meinhof Affair - A Romantic Manifesto). The lefties, obviously, are suckers to lilac. Only Mark Lewis - even facing May's dawning - remains sober:

"The moves you make
The roles you fake
The hearts you break
The risks you take
Are yours"

Yet, Angela Schubot (Two Fish, Berlin) encouragingly on "The big thing does not get lost, when you go back to scratch."

Pensively Yours, still lilac-prone



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