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April, 2005

Newsletter 29.03.2005

"I'm so hot, I'm so hot, come in!" (Cosmonaut Ludmilla's last words)

"And in the grandiloquent glow of erratic spotlights, a medium-size group of young female dancers was improvising deflections of erotic presence." (dance critic Helmut Ploebst struggling to save the unsave- & bearable "unknown pleasures" of Simon Frearson)

"A blond saleslady smiles at me and asks me, what can I do for you, monsieur?
And I ask myself, whether you have to sell sausages in order to look so fresh." (Funny van Dannen in "Humankapital")

Now there's spring, boiling up them juices in them people, isn't she.

Chivalrously so with Nottdance: "Red Shoe Delivery Service" (USA) provides an array of sparkly red shoes of all shapes and sizes for anyone wishing to be transported across Nottingham, thus displaying how British-American alliances can look, too, and a lot more charming so.

Reliable as always, the African proverbs: "Every human being is a different land."

The fluffy sides of globalization ... sure, the dance world digs that one. Voilà a few samples:

+ Angers/Paris ... Istanbul Dance aller-retour : France and Turkey in full exchange.
+ Vienna ... North South Lab: Dance/Performance/Research/World Café, served by the marvellous Benoît Lachambre.
+ West Switzerland ... eviDanse: a cute little dance festival animating an entire region, among others with the all-season bunny blust "La vision du lapin" by Compagnie 7273.

These here and at least 500 things more: available twentyfourseven in the EventDataBase of ImPulsTanz. And - due to spring, probably - it now comes with a communication bonus: each event is SEND-TO-A-FRIEND-able as of immediately.

Possibly thrilling some friends, too: the ImPulsTanz05 workshops+research line-up, now online.

Also, a click to the Headlines is always worth, if alone for the idiosyncratic visual representation of Jérôme Bel residing there.

"Words are nice, but chicken lay eggs." (again irresistible: the African proverb)




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