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March, 2005

Newsletter 28.02.2005

"Above us only sky"

Who remembers? Correct: Liverpool Airport. Also correct: "Imagine". JL, before the Lopez came. 33 (1/2) years ago that was. And "living life in peace" is more remote than ever. Adam Thirlwell‘s "Like romance, nationality does not exist. In fact, nationality is a romance" can maybe get away as a Zero Years Remix. Also featuring in his novel "Politics": Milan Kundera vs. Vaclav Havel 1:0, Chairman Mao's personal hygiene, Stalin on the phone as well as Antonio Gramsci's theory of hegemony. As already obvious: a book on a father-daughter relationship and a threesome. (

Men, men, men. (ImPuls)Dance tries to balance:

+ Constanza Macras, Paz Rojo @ News/Headlines (

+ Marie Chouinard, Meg Stuart, Robyn Orlin, Erna Ómarsdóttir @ festival05 (

+ Moravia Naranjo, Iva Rohlik, Karine Ponties, Yasmeen Godder @ EventDataBase (

And then the world. Never mind her history, here‘s her contemporary:

+ "... flashy gaudy Bollywood trash" (Berliner Zeitung) and "Action!! Action to the max!" from the "currently hottest Berlin choreographer" (taz): Schauspielhaus Wien presents Dorky Park (dance) and A Rose Is (music) in Vienna within an ImPulsTanzSpecial ... "Big in Bombay" ( resp. Might come also in handy in this context:

+ the Dance Umbrella Johannesburg unites artists from all continents in its currently running 2005 edition, amongst them Bangladeshi Akram Khan, Swiss MetzgerZimmerannDePerrot and South African Ntsikelelo "Boyzie" Cekwana. (

+ the Contact Improvisation Jam at Breitenbush Hotsprings not only sports a classy name but equally so open dancing on wood floor, hot springs & steamhouse, fine vegetarian cuisine, shared cabins, in mt. jefferson wilderness. (

... and the world will live as one.

Peace. And spring.



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