December, 2004

Newsletter 28.12.2004


+ Maria Hassabi, Cypriot born, living and working in New York, leads a typical NY dance artist life: in order to support her dance career, she is teaching Pilates to -among others - Rosane Chamecki ( and Madonna Ciccone (; in order to be able to afford her costume designer (, she is sharing them with Bjork Gudmudsdottir (, and when the latter joins her audience to enjoy the dramaturgically slightly improvable but mostly stunningly contemporary urban "Dead Is Dead" season at DTW (, she even has to share her review (, etc.) ... dance critics: you stay profound and let me stay superficial!

+ The end of Sex And The City on TV is enabling most alert human beings to mind their own shoe and bed issues again. The rest go to NYC and invest in SATC paraphernalia.

+ Another 199 nights til the start von ImPulsTanz 2005 (


+ JC gets born to the same line-up as ever. And still gets away with all the good press!

Shortly Thereafter

+ Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is dancing "In memoriam“ and in Monte Carlo. Details thereof and 500 dance dates equally "adventing":

+ Chrysa Parkinson is gracing a new, sexily adapted and vastly open, dance space from December 27-31:

+ Also David Zambrano is sharing his art these very days, however at PIA (, while also finetuning his premiere "12 Flies Went Out At Noon“ in Amsterdam (January 13-15,, AND preparing his Coachness for danceWEB 2005. While it is public knowledge that said man is doing rather excellently in contemporary dance, real time composition, fashion, design, sociology and guacamole, he still has idols. Who he wants to invite to Vienna coming summer.
Application for danceWEB 2005 can be made until January 31, 2005, details can be found at

Totally here & now, though, all that joy, all over you, during them BOBO days* between 24+31! Or as the raving-charming Tanya & Adrienne ("We're both 15-year old girls trapped in the bodies of 16-year-olds." ... put it: "Everything in moderation, but more is definitely more."

In respect & recklessness


* BOBO = burnt out but opulent (according to Ben Schott: "Schott's Original Miscellany",


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