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September, 2004

Newsletter 13.09.2004

They all are talking about Robert Altman's "The Company". They all are talking bad, however. Which does not come as a surprise to Austria's pinkish quality newspaper ... they know: if you want dance, you call takeshi, not campbell::

"Blood red action painting, tap dancing rice farmers, the finest cross-dressing, absurdly-comical martial arts sequences and a brilliantl full-out dancing finale."

Allora: If you say "Kill Bill", you should also be able to pronounce "Katoichi".

"Is unpredictable even more positive than inconsequent?"
"Can you plan an accident?"
"How to exit gracefully?"

They knew how to ask questions back then in the 90s, huh? Stuart/de Smedt/Hernandez in/for "Crash Landing", that's who they were, they.

Now, in the Zeros, until September 19 in Zero Four, to be precise, Meg Stuart merely asks, "Do you want to become a dancer in my Berlin based company?". has the details. And so does the Event Database of ImPulsTanz, whereabout you may also run across auditions of Emmanuelle Huynh's Essais/CNDC Angers, Guilherme Botelho's Alias Compagnie and danceWEB 2001's Hans-Werner Klohe, among others.

As you are already there: a Belgian Poni, a German Tanzplan and a Viennese Jungle are gracefully crowding the Features under "Terpsichore's flying carpet; Jonathan Burrows is writing for Thomas Lehmen according to the Headlines; Mark Tompkins, Marie Chouinard and Akemi Takeya are moving in Quicktime under Arts&Media.

Vienna, we know, is good in Freud, frenzy and Franz Josef monuments. Vienna's favourite Italian choreographer Elio Gervasi, instead, was good in Fellini and still is in Antipasti. Also, he is in a good mood and thus offers in "7 Interiors" - for 2 more nights - a "drink, mixed from body juices", at quartier21. True, that sounds kind of gruesome, but as I said: the man is good in food.

They all are talking about the US presidential elections. And effortlessly another smart question from the 90s/"Crash Landing" pops up:

"How to get lost and stay there?"



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