August, 2004

Newsletter 17.08.2004

What remains after the party?

"analytische Ausgangsbasis“/“prickelnde Sensation“/"laszives Begehren"/"Süße der Welt"/"Exorzismus und Gruppentherapie"/"nie folkloristisch naiv" at ImPulsTanz's press comments sectio (
"contemporary dance seems hell bent" at Article19 (
The fear of the impossibility of normality thereafter amongst some of the danceWEBbers (
Waste paper at the Arsenal (

As for myself, certainly way oversized man's underwear, white, rib; on the bedside a glass of Cuba Libre, half full; and the Jonathan Franzen phrase "the spatial relations among these foods no longer seemed to Chipper haphazard but were approaching permanence, finality."
Article adjective noun preposition article noun negation verb proper name adjective conjunction auxiliary verb verb noun, noun.

But as already clearly stated by Chris Bergman in 1995: "Should be‘s don‘t count anymore.“
Or by Rainald Goetz even in 1983: "Don‘t cry - work.“


For those free of sentimentality:
And by the way: Berlin's Tanz im August, one of the recommendations to be discovered in above mentioned link, may here be extrarecommended thanks to fab Pirkko Husemann's appearance as the festival's diary host ... way more regular and declared than moi
( The opening theory blabla is in German but the rest's in English and worth the scrolling. And of course it's about Rock‘n‘Roll there, too.

For astronauts: "Our Little Sunbeam“ by 33 fainting spells. "A dance theater collision between Chekhov’s Ivanov and the US Space Program“. Around the U.S. now:

For a possible, sure enough joyous future of contemporary dance: "Frans Poelstra, his dramaturg and Bach“. Behind the back of the press but in front of (and sometimes above) the delighted eyes of the ImPulsTanz audience, the two middle age lads delivered 90 minutes performance art soon to be raved about not only by me.

For humidity (in the eyes, mostly): resp. in brief in the photo galleries of and

Far from emotions as previously - Rainald Goetz: "Green angle canoe I will wring your neck“.

"Get that ass up in the air where I can see it.“ Unaltered also Chris Bergman.

Only Jonathan Franzen unexpextedly hushes.

Cut. Now night swimming.



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