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July, 2004

Newsletter 30.07.2004

"Life is not only hard
but also a dance on roses"

(Aunt Annie, Sweden, the 90s)

Aunt Annie, that's bluntly evident now, is full-on. She knows.

What she couldn't know while you can: Larbi "Nostalgia, a form of sorrow or of loss that relates to the past, is interesting in that it is something we all feel" Cherkaoui does it once more. August 1, "Tempus Fugit", Volkstheater. Rrrrecommendation!

Certainly no slacker, either: Akram "To know is nothing at all ... to imagine is everything" Khan: "Ma", now also on August 6, Volkstheater.

More on ImPuls"IgenerallyavoidtemptationunlessIcantresistit"Tanz and her additives (e.g. workshops by Ko Murobushi, Louise Lecavalier and Charmaine LeBlanc) voilà:


"Down with love, take it away.
Far away. give it back to the birds
And the bees and the Viennese."

So ... Judy Garland. Well, thanks. Love & Death not only in Vienna, "Kill Bill" and Leonard Cohen, though, no, also last Wednesday at Akademietheater:

"I am you.
You are me.
And for once I do not want to think about the consequences.
(She explodes)"

(Viviane De Muynck in "Ulrike" in "No Comment")

Once again today, 9pm!

Albeit: Urfa (Turkey): 43° C.

Warmly inside



Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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