May, 2004

Newsletter 13.05.2004

So: Subcomandante Marcos is broadcasting messages from the Lacadonian woods, Gustave Whitehead, formerly (1901) first motorized man in the air, is growing lonely in the title of a dance piece, a French woman, a Japanese man, a Venezuelan woman, Janis Joplin and a few more fellows with mind and body travel expertise evoke moods ...

This certainly is highly suspicious of being a plot of a new Tom Robbins novel. Wrong, though. Because that one is dealing with 3 Air Force pilots, who chose to remain missing after the Vietnam War, 4 generations of strong, alluring women plus the rather physical presence of 1 outlandish figure from Japanese folklore as well as the false mustache of the world per se, of course.
Here instead, we are dealing with "Superposition corps - The Solitude of Gustave Whitehead", the most recent work by Austrian choreographer/dancer Saskia Hölbling/Dans.Kias (, conceived in collaboration with director Guido Reimitz. Said piece of art is premiering on May 14. In nowhere else but Paris by the Seine. Details can be found, oh yes, within the healthily fed Online Event Database of ImPulsTanz:

Said piece of art will also enrich ImPulsTanz 2004, which is why more material is jollily accessible at the Headlines section of A place that also boasts pair dances of France + Italy, Brasil + Germany, and Austria + Croatia. Thus:, by the way.

(Could have sounded like an internationally relevant soccer summit, if it weren‘t for Austria‘s presence up there, no? Anyway, would be such an event). (After all, we are not a minority program here in this newsletter). (Plus: Portugal is at least Portugal).

Kate Winslet, however, will miss out on all of the above. Instead she graces Michel Gondry‘s "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" ( Gondry is responsible for - among others the more stunning videos of the Foo Fighters and Kylie Minogue, Winslet for the quote "Sand is overrated".

Which is exactly what I am saying. It is so juiceless! More sea, dammit.

"In the end
What will prevail
Is your passion
Not your tale"

(Tom Robbins - "Villa Incognita")


P.S: Passion and prevailance also concern Needcompany‘s Jan Lauwers. Cultural politics, alors, at

P.P.S.: 17 (while being a spiritually valuable number in itself, already, it marks the online premiere of all relevant ImPulsTanz 2004 festival data, when being affiliated with "May, 2004". We are talking workshop & research texts plus registration, performance dates ... All That Jazz! See you at


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