April, 2004

Newsletter 28.04.2004

"quite simply, he found it unpleasant, at moments, not to be able to walk on his head."

Georg Büchner. In a text by Gérard Mayen. Which also hosts Paul Célan. Foremost, however, Mathilde Monnier. Which most certainly justifies its existence in the News/Feature department of .

Walking, not only as PDS (Pre-Dancing State) ... a subject not only delt with by the latter (Mathilde Monnier, not the department) in her latest creation "Déroutes“ (at ImPulsTanz 2004 and on, and - somehow - by a reputed contemporary Scottish author (see below), no: also by Gustavo Miranda in his ImPulsTanz 2004 workshop "Pedestrian Zone". All them curious texts can be inspected by mid-May, them sort of handy whereandwhenabouts rrrrright away:

And then something for the eye: Certain competent lassies and lads at ImPulsTanz had rendered their cute butts off - with visible output: workshop videostreams (Andrew Harwood, Howard Katz Fireheart), based on footage by the no lesser competent lassies and lads at, now on

Meanwhile, out there in the reale worlde:

+ Microincaspulation in favour of aloe vera thongs (

+ Shantel‘s Bucovina Club (, actually conceived in 2002 for German actors collective Schauspiel Frankfurt, is now suddenly promoted as THE World Music successor of Buena Vista Social Club. While Prince 2004 sounds just like 1988 (

But, relax: Breakfast's Darling, auguri!, is turning 40 ( And the East extends the West. Of the Olde Worlde, that is. The day after tormorrow, to start with.

Apropos La Boum: "The Eighties have simply been quite weird, and if you were on that trip, then you have no soul and are lost forever.“ You are here listening to the same pretty fabulous A.L. Kennedy (, who, on John Cusack, stated: "Oh, he is phantastic - but look at his walk! He walks, as if he had the legs of someone else."

Thereunto Michael Zellinger: "Love always helps!"

Thereunto Walt Disney: "Embroider the magic!"

Get me pregnant, A.L.!
Get me pregnant, Michael!
No, Walt, sorry.



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