February, 2004

Newsletter 20.02.2004

"Mistakes, in fact, don't exist. Brecht is entirely right, here. It's the mistakes that give things continuity. There is the vivid material, in the mistakes, and then you can go on and make new mistakes."

Comforting words from Heiner Müller. Who has to share his current anniversary. But in the end, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Bernhard and Theodor Wiesengrund-Adorno are not too much of an unglamorous company.

The same is true for choreographer, dancer, improviser and singer Vera Mantero: After Lloyd Newson (2001) and Akram Khan (2003), and after an exemplary (because also formally respecting her arts) hommage to her hosted by Vooruit as well as a couple of charming Caetano Veloso concerts, it is HER who about to board on her sabbatical year. According to credible rumours, this rare and befamed time period, which usually translates as "research year" but also "year-off", has been finally cut down to 4 days. Which he then was said to have used for creating a choreography for the daughter of his manager... my best wishes for more sabbat to Vera! She will certainly then be able to finally resolve them burning questions like, whether the moon is left or right. Or whether pigs don't actually proof to be connaisseurs of the pearls thrown in front of them.

(I have to finally write about dance here, otherwise half of the readers subscribe to Bloomberg instead.)

Wellllll, James Brown: "The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing. Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing..."

In Berlin, meanwhile, dance is trying to resolve its very own problems: In the frame of CONTEXT #1 several smart heads and bodies discuss "on authorship". More to that in the News section of A lot more, actually - also the local dance support infrastructure distribution situation is given a closer look.

Same global village, next cottage: under the header "ImPulsTanz04", at least some more light is given to this summer's programmation (July 8 - August 8). Enjoy

And while we talk, there is Arts Festival in Hongkong and children's dance festival in Vienna and Les Hivernales in Avignon and soon also SEAD auditions all over the place All in one place:

Or as German HipHop pioneers Die Fantastischen Vier were - eternally validly - rapping:

"It's in the movement where you find the force
It's in the movement where you find the force."



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