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November, 2003

Newsletter 25.11.2003

Kazuo Ohno said: „I am the crazy weed.“

Jiri Kylián sagte: „Dance is a garden.“

*Melk Prod. asks itself: „Dammit, what‘s all that fuzz about vegetables?

(from the program flyer of the most recent production of Marco Berrettini, „New Movements for Old Bodies“. For details, see our EventDataBase


So Marco Berrettini is into flora.

Erna Omarsdottir (in a project of Frank Pay) into Death Metal (

USA into Eastern Europe (

Sheryl Crow into Rod Stewart into Cat Stevens (

While I am into physics. One of the few things you learn for school AND for life: physics teaches you that where there is one body there cannot be another (approx.). This knowledge helps when dancing and when watching dance. It also teaches you that one body (so far) cannot be n two places at the same time. Which makes watching dance sometimes impossible. Or partying all parties. See Brussels. My goodness, dancers there feast like there is no tomorrow.

A motional feast also took place at Arsenal Vienna last summer. Photos thereof were latterly spotted in the Arts & Media section of Which is exactly where those of you who consider a valuable quality will soon find news in the appropriately named heading.

But certainly



Don‘t leave without having absorbed the November question:

How many men does it take to steal an ImPulsTanz-Bike?
One, correct.

How many men does it take to steal an ImPulsTanz-Bike back?
12 cops (in 3 patrol cars) and 16 fire fighters (in a fire engine with flashing blue light), correct. Details are known to the editor. Unfortunately no footage.


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