October, 2003

Newsletter 29.10.2003

„Did you know that eating just one entire nutmeg is lethal?“
„Not true!?“
„True! My father told me.“


„Well, in fact, even drinking 2 litres of water in one gulp is lethal.“
„You are kidding?!“
„No, really: you get a water toxication and die.“


„Anyway, you cannot impart truth.“

(recently, at the next table)

... autumn as we know it: philosophical, death yearning, true to the facts.

Voilà two more facts:

1. Precisely this week, all „summer birds“ are leaving Prague while the „winter birds“ are due in only 2 weeks.

2. Jennifer Monson‘s dance research and performance project at the Czech festival Four + Four Days In Motion, „Investigating Dance as a Navigational/Migrational Process“ (dealing with migratory birds and their paths) will fascinate anyway.

More on the workshop in the Event Database of ( Which, by the way, is not only boasting further workshops of Rosemary Butcher, Ismael Ivo, Iñaki Azpillaga, und Wayne McGregor a.o., but also almost 30 audition dates!

Another bird aficionado, who delt with them wing things in his stage work in a most stunning way, has now premiered yet another ahead-of-time piece and will this Anna Kisselgoff‘s critical words on Sigur Ros‘ choice of instruments (ballet shoes). For more on Merce Cunningham (in Brooklyn), but also on William Forsythe and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (in England) and film+dance (at the Viennale), please kindly turn to „Feature“ on (

Ornithology, however, is not only inspiring the arts but actually a symbol for life itself. As Cake ( already sang in 1994 in their flabbergastingly introspective tune „Mr. Mastodon‘s Farm“ (

She/he who knows poultry only from the frozen food department ... here we go: Jamie O. is not the only original cook, after all.

Yours gravy


P.S.: One more for the calendar: in its „festival“ section, is envisioning its future. At least its own. At least them dates... (


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