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September, 2003

Newsletter 24.09.2003

Merce is doing it with Radiohead and Sigur Ros at BAM. (

Milli is doing with Lisa D. at Steirischer Herbst. (

Raimund is doing it with charme. (

And Brice is doing it - as usual - in the dark. (

Only Meg has an alibi. (

All them mesdames et messieurs Cunningham Bitterli Hoghe Leroux Stuart are doing just great. En detail, e.g., on the Event Database of (

Dance, anyway, is sharing itself. Discoursively, performatively, inclusively. A fact also mirrored at the following happenings:

17.9.-02.11., Berlin (D): Berliner Festspiele (
25.9.-19.10., Bukarest (RO): Balkan Dance Platform (
30.9.-12.10., Montréal (CA): Festival International de Nouvelle Danse (
3.10.-17.10., Leuven (B): Klapstuk #11 (
9.10-25.10., Melbourne (AU): Melbourne International Arts Festival (

Yet, not only choreographers and producers are reflecting on dance's flirt with its fellow arts, also them professional reflectors are. The jewels of their craft are taking position and counterposition on this and many other contemporary subjects at the art criticism platform

Adorno Teddy meanwhile: "True thoughts are those alone which do not understand themselves."

Which reminds me of a recently rediscovered autumn communication with a dear and bold friend in which I quoted a book stating "Surface is illusion, but so is depth". "Sadly, even the illusion is illusion", he replied. And "Illusion is such a fruitful category. This one has wrinkles". (Lucky for us, he had chosen dance to turn his attention, intellect and sensuality to, but - no doubt - he would have turned anything else to gold, too).

Which reminds me of the music of Nina Nastasia.

And as it happens to be autumn just now:

"If sand waves were sound waves
What song would be in the air now
What stinging tune
Could split this endless noon
And make the sky swell with rain

If war were a game that a man or a child
Could think of winning
What kind of rule
Can overthrow a fool
And leave the land with no stain."

(Suzanne Vega - "Song of Sand")




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