August, 2003

Newsletter 07.08.2003

Coffee. Black. Basically legal energy from wherever. In a colour matching the one under the eyes.

And all that due to randomly extraordinary constellation of stars (or planets?) causing severe dancefloor desease. It hits the people right after performances and rides them until breakfast resp. start of the morning class. Sleep? Autumn!

Who am I from all people to mind ... allora:

+ The Backyard Banana Cake Talks arguing „Arrogance in Dance: Europe vs. America“ (Thu afternoon).
+ „Wall Dancin‘ - Wall Fuckin‘“ on Thu evening.
+ [8:tension] finale on Fri eve.
+ Workshops-Farewell-Party Fri night til Sat morning.
+ Workshop-Showings Sat afternoon at Arsenal.
+ Add-on performances of Ismael Ivo, Ko Murobushi, Wendy Houstoun on Sat (for related video streams see!).
+ „Good Boy“, „The 48 Almost Love Lyrics“ and the Kusturica sound of Antwerp‘s Think Of One ... PARTYYYYYYYY!

As so often, details may be accessed via (see „festival“). Or just call ++43-1-5235558.

Talking about coffee. Black. Such drink was served mainly at yesterday‘s farewell press conference of them ImPulsTanzians. Along with all the artists involved in above mentioned evening occupations, some facts & figures and ... the goodbye of Guido Reimitz after his 5-year co-directorship with ImPulsTanz. The goodbye of the initiator of danceWEB, 8:tension, Impuls Camera & Dance, CoDaCo, Juice (uhem!) and and! While journalists would probably have remained mute if Guido Reimitz would have announced his immediate evaporation right here at Volkstheater, the gathered artists minded quite a bit. Which put a smile in the face of the longtime filmmaker, a knowing smile coming from said assurance of having done plentiful right things these past years.

Zivjeli, Guido!
Zivjeli, ImPulsTanz 2003!

Or as Ani di Franco puts it in words every now and then: „Strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends. But, there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends.“



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