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June, 2003

Newsletter 18.06.2003

That is to say that on one hand you are all shivering with excitement in expectation of the OP, the order of the phoenix, to which Potter Harry is going to obey as of June 21 in all virtual and actual bookstores. On the other hand, though, are you going to learn more about "the fading of live and the inexorable decomposition of the flesh", indulge in "a party resembling an all too ardously civilized bestiarum" there? Is "'I am a fairy, I am the one you have waited for!' a curtain bellows." Rowlandish? "God, I know, you never saved a single soul / Yet I fear for me you will make an exception."?!

No no never.

Instead: "Six young women form a circle, lurk for each other, start a merciless battle, fall to the ground as if hit by lightning, crook and open their mouths for silent screams."

And: "Legs executing a raving pizzicato, arms scourging through the air, hands humming like insects."

The performance texts of ImPulsTanz 2003 ... now THAT is suspense! Plus available for everyone, no fees, no pre-ordering, 24hours a day (and even translated in German, in case you were wondering). See more on

Above all "against cold, arrogance, destruction and war"!

The right to deny the comprehension of dance performances, plus transvestites - that's the substance of which an interview with Edouard Lock, mastermind and choreographers of La La La Human Steps (opening act of ImPulsTanz 2003 at Volkstheater on July 10), is made of at

Tickets? Yes - available: via phone at ++43-1-88088 or via internet at Real people selling real tickets? That, too: at Volkstheater Vienna.

"Do you: get confused about what's 'true'?
Do you: hatch plots?
Do you: get distracted?
Do you: steal identities?
Do you: make mistakes that you love?"
(Chrysa Parkinson & Mark Lorimer - "The Espionage Kit").
(The full text plus slightly over 100 others may be addressed at

Sweat? Pool!
No sweat? How the hell do you do that?!

In my own juices, yet tralala


P.S.: You, yes you with the air conditioning, consider them new videostreams on the Arts & Media section of ImPulsTanz (


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