May, 2003

Newsletter 22.05.2003

No doubt, no knowledge. (Wittgenstein)

If you think everything is under control, you don’t drive fast enough. (Alain)

Emotion is an intangibe something which goes its own way. (de Keersmaeker)

Ludwig, not Paul.
Prost, not Platel.
Anne Teresa, not Jolante.

Oh nifty duality oh.

As commonly known in certain circles, however, the latter is less busy philosophing but choreographing and thoroughly dealing with music and film.

And all the latter activities can be accessed at Wiener Konzerthaus this Saturday, May 24, where the reputed ICTUS ensemble will perform "counterphrases", not merely illustrated by specifically made film screenings of Rosas choreography, which was actually the inspiration for the music. More data at More content at

Many much more then from July 11-18 at ImPulsTanz 2003: a coming together of de Keersmaeker & Gang with the music of Miles Davis, not without a flirt with the falling apart of a certain (former) bridge in the American 40s ("Bitches Brew/Tacoma Narrows"), as well as the also politically much discussed "Once", her new solo, set to Joan Baez's "in concert - Part 2". Now: Soon:

Fancy another word featuring a couple of w's? "workshopwinner". Properly attached to the URL of ImPulsTanz (, it will lead you to a raffle, which may lead to the free participation in one of the 150 dance workshops offered at ImPulsTanz 2003 this summer, which may lead to a rather charming twist in your life.

Will. More self-confidence. And if the tricks of May don't do their job substantially, and if Matrix-like flying seems too pretentious: a workshop with Katie Duck or Kirstie Simpson or also the premiere of Pina Bausch's new work may ... WILL produce blissful moments. For details check out the EventDatabase on

Other than that: Holidays. Often discussed, rarely done. Why wait?

¡Viva la hamaca!



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