March, 2003

Newsletter 21.03.2003

Certainly not one of the more fabulous moment for a dance newsletter. Unfortunately - what’s much more important – neither for manhood. You take a peak into the website of PNAC (Project for the New American Century) and find yourself in a cold war James Bond scenario. You call friends from the US and know, relieved within despair, "the Americans" do not equal G.W. Bush (after all there are three sides to every problem, at least). And in The Guardian from March 13, 2003 you read: "Any work of art reminds the leaders that the led are not ciphers, that we are all 'I' not 'them'. 'In our age', said WH Auden, 'the mere making of a work of art is itself a political act. So long as artists exist, making what they please and think they ought to make, even if it's not terribly good, even if it only appeals to a handful of people, they remind the management of something managers need to be reminded of, namely, that the managed are people with faces, not anonymous numbers, that Homo Labourens is also Homo Ludens.'" (from "Forget the battle, I'm off to the ballet; In the run-up to war, art matters more than ever" by Richard Eyre).

One cannot emphasize the overall essential importance of the arts enough, so I take the liberty of not only pointing out the CD release of Ibrahim Ferrer’s "Buenos Hermanos" and the new book of Siri Hustvedt, "What I Loved", but also of sharing the attempts of ImPulsTanz to contribute to the arts world:

Stuart, Meg.
Houstoun, Wendy.
Linke, Susanne.
Nadj, Josef
van den Broeck, Hans.
Greco, Emio & Scholten, Pieter.

These artists, among others, are offering to share a studio with this summer at ImPulsTanz 2003 (July 8 – August 10) and also concepts, to play around with thoughts and also bodies.

Additionally Alito Alessi, David Dorfman, Koffi Koko and Louise Lecavalier and many more will make you sweat.

For passive joys then: DV8, Rosas, Jonathan Burrows, Peeping Tom, Ultima Vez, Boris Charmatz, La La La Human Steps etc. will grace Vienna’s stages.

Please look into details to all of the above as of mid-April on Juiceletter subscribers, owever will find the still warm news mailed beforehand, right after conception. Tell it to a friend, if appropriate at the moment. Already now, the new "Feature" feature may be able to enhance your life quality for a few minutes with dance news of highly architectural value (

Certainly dancers are being desired:

+ Elio Gervasi (for a premiere at ImPulsTanz 2003 – rehearsals start May 2003).

+ Jan Fabre/Troubleyn (for a rerun of „Je suis sang“ – rehearsals start May 2003).

+ Ballet of Wiener Volksoper/Giorgio Madia (for season 2003/2004, rehearsals start September 1, 2003).

+ Brice Leroux (for the upcoming production – rehearsals start May 2003).

+ DV8 (for the upcoming production, 2004).

For all the necessary side info to these job opportunities:

Remember: "Movement without ecstasy is like love without sex." (Daniel Aschwanden)




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