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January, 2003

Newsletter 15.01.2003

Is it R&B?
Is it love?
Is it The Cultural Capitol of Europe?
Is it a Malayan tapir?
Is it over?

No. It’s an entity starting with war threats and ending with Lord of the Rings, just like several others of its kind before.

For YOU, however, may 2003 be the essence of lush joys, blissful moments, enlightened thoughts and 2 exquisite love stories.

Sore shoulder blades from the inuit contact jams in Alaska, sore soils from the nervous volcano dances in Hawaii, sore arms from the circus school in Christchurch, sore eyes from still reading Salman Rushdie – THAT’s how New Year’s Eves can be. A really tough one, though, was the Rudolfnureyevdancealikecontest just afterwards, commemorating the 10th anniversary of his death. Already attempting these moves is pain. Well – not only one of his last lovers and friend of mine noted that he’s been one of a kind, RN. As watching resp. reflecting on his moves is quite an amazement, more on him and most notably his dog in the current issue of ballet-tanz ( And soon in „Rudolf Nureyev and Vienna. A Passionate Affair” – a book published a few days ago (editor: Andrea Amort) and presented (incl. a premiere by choreographer Bernd Bienert) alongside the gallery opening of the same name.

Another god, luckily still amongst us, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his Company: Merce Cunningham. Congratulations, respect and some words on

Furtheron this year:

Tanztage Berlin (

Embody – the act of being in which one is no longer representing but simply presenting/Vienna (

uus tants 5 - Estonian Dance Showcase/Tallinn (

Springdance/Utrecht (

Australian Dance Week (

Kuopio Dance Festival (

ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival (

Zuercher Theaterspektakel/Zurich (

Festival d’Automne/Paris (

Holland Dance Festival/The Hague (

Euro-Scene Leipzig (

Improvisation Festival/New York (

All those dance months together, for free, on ImPulsTanz’s EventDataBase (

Or, if you prefer, Oh Three on a more personal level:

In the coming year, steep yourself in the sounds of gossamer melodies as much as possible, preferably while bathing in soft, golden light and sipping hot, sweet tea. Move and think and read slowly in the safest places you know while exulting quietly in the soothing touch of velvet or cashmere next to your skin. In February you can careen wildly out to the edges of reality, bedecked in vivid accessories and on the prowl for delightful upheavals; but for now devote yourself to the cultivation of luminous, murmuring pleasures that comfort you all the way down to the bottom of your life.

(actually the Libra forecast for 2003, taken from Rob Breszny’s never sober, ongoingly enchanting Free Will Astrology website




Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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