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December, 2002

Newsletter 18.12.2002

„You’re at home, baby!“ (FM4)

... that’s most likely true for most of you on that coming Tuesday/Wednesday, I reckon. Not for me. New Zealand it might be. Certainly a lot of danceWEB alumnis are gracing that island over the holidays. But never mind them 35 degrees on Koh Tao island, either...

To all THOSE young dancers & dancemakers who want to be danceWEB alumnis in New Zealand in winter 2003/2004: the application form for danceWEB 2003 – Scholarship Programme for Contemporary dance is online on (Deadline: February 28, 2003) – all the best for joining what looks likely to become a gorgeous and inspiring summer 2003 in Vienna!

That much to writing on your own motivation for dance. If dance writing in general is a seductive thought, you definitely should check out the interview with critic idol Deborah Jowitt and choreographer Sarah Michelson on the News section of This highly notable article stems from the latest issue of Movement Research Performance Journal (, which is entirely dedicated to dance writing.


„One has to borrow the other, but to give only oneself.“ (Michel de Montaigne)

„Sex is the wound of beauty“ (Arnd Wesemann)

„I want your hand, I want your mouth
I want your head, I want your tongue
I want your hair, I want your skin
And all the grief
I want, as well“
(Element of Crime)

Da body, huh!? On our way from ashes to ashes there’s plenty of use and abuse possibilities. Not only to correct resp. prevent the latter, Body Work has entered the Contemporary Dance world with a vengeance. So here’s some on linking physics and metaphysics savvily:

Anna Halprin:
Moshe Feldenkrais:
F.M. Alexander:
Joseph Pilates:
Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen:

(codification and authenticitiy are, unfortunately/reasonably enough, a big issue in this field – just sue me at, if you wish).

Body Work Introduction classes and workshops are on offer every summer at ImPulsTanz workshops – lots of other winter and spring workshops, e.g. by Wim Vandekeybus, Joanne Leighton, Mathilde Monnier, David Zambrano and Meg Stuart, are listed on the Event Database of At this very moment. While u wait, as they say in NYC.

Joy! Jacuzzis! Jellyshots!


P.S.: Let me say goodbye by saying a warm hello to the online edition of a dear twin sibling, the JUICE monthly listings magazine of London’s The Place, now online on their state of the art website Juice @ The Place features valuable London & international dance info (funding, studying abroad, London rehearsal space, etc.) for dance artists. Check it out (I can’t really be jealous - it’s not even cheating, in a way...)!


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