November, 2002

Newsletter 15.11.2002

„So are you sure this was a good idea, after all?“
„I have my doubts, but just let them dance for now!“
(Aki Kaurismaeki – „Mies vailla menneisyyttae“)

15/11/02. HALFTIME.
Pleasure to still know you around.
Yes, you, too. Neat how you are fighting November by forwarding Dalai Lama mails, dramatize your life skillfully and pompuous, get a new stereo equipment or fall in love unhappily. Considering that other people try to get over their fall depressions by preparing wars or inventing Vanilla Cola you are an idol of humanity and personal integrity.

Longing. Longing can be an easy way out of today’s misery. Some call it projecting but hey. Concrete objects of desire could include the new Harry Potter (enhanced consoling factor due to decreased solitude: you are sharing this desire with an intimate 200 million other human beings of all ages and nationalities), the new work of William Forsythe ( or – in case of major presence escape tendencies – the first news on ImPulsTanz 2003 festival/research/workshops (online by this weekend on

Playing. Playing and experimenting – ranking under „distracting instead of escaping“ on the list of November denial strategies – can be performed also indoors and even without leaving the contemporary dance field. The following websites encourage you to choreograph online:

For the less anonymity/more exposure seeking artist among us, a closer contact with Sheila Ribeiro is recommended: she is participating in a project by Compagnie par.b.l. eux/Benoit Lachambre called „100 rencontres“ for which she is creating an installation with a space in which people can make a wish (on love, money, health, world peace or any other intimate issue). Just send a photo along with your wish to her or contact her for more information at More information on the activities of Compagnie par.b.l.eux (e.g. their activities with Schaubühne Berlin in December) can be found in the EventDataBase of

„If God has made all of us in His image, part of His image is pain and hell.“ (Kathy Acker)

„All is grace.“(Aki Kaurismaeki – „Mies vailla menneisyyttae“)

Stay adorable


P.S.: Respecting the Eternal Quest for Harmony, the News section of is balancing out the low dance content of this letter with a juicily rich dance information compendium. Online now.


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