August, 2002

Newsletter 03.08.2002

... crouching Akram .... hidden ... aggression? anxiety in movement ... should ... the word should ... movements? Yes give me the reality of this necessity. It is time to let the body speak its raw and true language, and lead the mind to strange and grotesque places. move me please somewhere else. i am in my mind. bodies shaping space. ... but please continue and tell me something i do not know. tell me a secret. please continue. ... now i can feel you but why did you wait so long? Impossibilité de voir quoi que ce soit dans ce filtre-philtre. Plus tard peut-etre. be together but you can't , be yourself but you can't. I'm not sure we're actually talking about impossibilities here. God said to me: I am god and this is your chance to kiss me, but before the divine has to go to the toilet. Briefly afterwards god is being shot cause he moved and has been spotted doing so.

What reads like a monologue co-written by at least Flann OBrien, Douglas Adams and Les Ritas Mitsouko is actually a respectless compilation (a "sampler" as they say in record stores) of highly respectworthy comments made by the likes of Steve Paxton, Kroot Juurak, Barbara Kraus, Boris Charmatz, Alice Chauchat, Benoit Lachambre, Mia Lawrence etc. to mention a few of the many artists and young critics who are instantly commenting ImPulsTanz 2002 performances in the frame of "Afterwords". See more on resp. Or see it all in the theatre!

While Jerome Bel's work has had its calculated effect on the local audience ("we want our money back cause this is no dance not!" ... "actually maybe can we have a ticket for another performance? where they really dance?!"), South African choreographer Robyn Orlin is once again proposing her blunt yet striking view on Aids in Africa in her piece "We must eat our suckers with the wrapper on" today. The woman, who is infamous for her titles ("If you can't change the world, change your curtains"; "explaining conflict to a dying ballerina"; "In a corner the sky surrenders"; "Orpheus ... I mean Euridice ... I mean the natural history of a chorus girl") has redefined choreography and performance art in South Africa. More on Or at Volkstheater! 8.30pm, CET.

"Love is a mystery" (Madonna)
"Love is blindness" (U2)
"Or we could, or we could. Or we could, or we could. Fail, fail. Fail. So!? (Le Tigre)
"It is life, Jim, but not as we know it." (Spock)

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