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August, 2002

Newsletter 19.07.2002

Steve Paxton
Vera Mantero
Boris Charmatz
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Jerome Bel
Michael Laub
Jonathan Burrows

... the lineup of a Theatre de la Ville 2002/2003? Nope - some notable individuals of the audience of the opening performances of ImPulsTanz 2002’s 8:tension programme. More food for the mind, heart and eye within 8:tension (through July 30) and ImPulsTanz 2002 (through August 11) in general, can be enjoyed in Vienna, Austria.

You are asking for a teaser? Voilà: On Monday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 23, is launching a „Gewinnspiel“ providing the lucky ones with free tickets to one of ImPulsTanz 2002’s highlights – go check it out on, also host of a manifold of proposals to the shake-a-legs amongst thee... the sunshines of the Workshop Office (; #43-1-51444-5411) will lead you through the 130 workshops yet to come (incl. Add-on workshops by Andrew Harwood, David Zambrano, Marcia Haydee, Louise Lecavalier), which will grace the light-flooded painting halls of Arsenal, Vienna.

"Routine is death. There's ways to get rid of that, and that's just take colder showers or sleep on the floor--just change routine! Go a different way home. All the people who I grew up with, you know, Bill Graham, Miles Davis, and John Lee Hooker, I have never seen these people be bored or predictable or yawning. They are always either very passionate or very horny or very holy or all of them at the same time." (Carlos Santana)

See you in Vienna!



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