July, 2002

Newsletter 04.07.2002


I know I am fairly early with my follow-up newsletter but I have weighty reasons of course.

1) the World Cup is over, the Turkish BMW round dances and the Brazilian Samba prove that there is a mass potential in dance. And while the mighty finalists fled the rain, Ushio Amagatsu craves for it on his stunning stage in "Unetsu" (August 6+8 at ImPulsTanz 2002). The lawn? You will miss His Soothing Greenness? You shan't: Benoit Lachambre & Andrew Harwood are gathering Mark Tompkins, Guy Yarden, Jennifer Lacey a.o. and ask us all to join them ... on grassen blades, them genuine earthy foot ticklers (August 4+6 at ImPulsTanz 2002). You see - enough emotionally loaded references to smoothly shift the soccer rave to dance enthusiasm.

1) the Austrian National TV station ORF1 - "Kunst-Stücke" is presenting 5 sequels of ImPuls's CAMERA & DANCE featuring the 26min live documentaries on
+ Akram Khan Company/UK (July 4 at 2am)
+ Isabelle Schad & Ludger Lamers/D (July 11 at 2am)
+ Boyzie Cekwana & Floating Outfit Project/ZA (July 18 at 1.40am)
+ Lilia Mestre & Davis Freeman/P-USA (July 25 at 1.30am)
+ Cie. Willi Dorner/A (August 1 at 2am)
all shot by up to 5 cameras led by Golden Girls Production at 8:tension during ImPulsTanz 2001. Indulge who can!

1) ImPulsTanz 2002 & Jeroen Peeters proudly present: AFTERWORDS. Throughout the festival, ImPulsTanz invites critics in residence to share their impressions and thoughts on the performances. An international and a local critic comment on what they?ve seen. An artist sitting in as guest writes about a colleague's work. Check for more on - read all critics also on

1) "Intimacy is the principal source of the sugars with which this life is sweetened. It is absolutely vital to the essential insanities. Without the essential (intimate) insanities, humor becomes inoffensive and therefore pap, poetry becomes exoteric and therefore prose, eroticism becomes mechanical and therefore pornography, behaviour becomes predictable and therefore easy to control." (Tom Robbins - "Still Life With Woodpecker")

And you, let your hair down, let your soul swing, leave your past to the historians and have a mojito or five.



P.S.: The cuties at the workshop office of ImPulsTanz signal a recent boom in workshop bookings so if you considered to apply for some of the 170 workshops at ImPulsTanz 2002 (July 14 - August 11), you may want to consider stopping considering and stepping into action. All the best!


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