April, 2002

Newsletter 30.04.2002

„In dance you can express harmony and disharmony at the very same moment, which you cannot do in language.“ (Meg Stuart)

Well, I certainly feel in harmony and disharmony at the same time with my friends at ImPulsTanz. On one hand you don‘t want to bite the hand that feeds you. On the other hand you certainly don‘t want to be stood up. Of course putting info on ImPulsTanz 2002 online „around Easter“ is subject to interpretation but 3 weeks after Easter is quite a stretch, no? So let me keep harmony with you and tell you this: Wendy Houstoun (UK), Vera Mantero (P), Ko Murobushi (JP), David Zambrano (NL/VEN), I?aki Azpillaga (B/E), Emio Greco | PC (I/NL), Michael Laub (B), Chrysa Parkinson & Mark Lorimer (USA/UK/B), Jan Ritsema (NL/B) are said to host research projects in Vienna this summer in Vienna. And in the theatres you should be able to meet Hans van den Broeck/Les Ballets C. de la B. (B), Jer?me Bel (F), Jonathan Burrows & Jan Ritsema (UK/NL/B), Chris Haring/Klaus Obermaier (A), Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker & Rosas (B), Barbara Kraus (A), Jir? Kyli?n & Megumi Nakamura (NL/JP), Michael Laub/Remote Control Prod. (NL/B), Xavier Le Roy (F/D), Heddy Maalem (F), Robyn Orlin & City Theatre (ZA), Beno?t Lachambre & Andrew Harwood (CA), Steve Paxton & The Gang (USA+), Antony Rizzi & Company (D), Sanka? Juku/Ushio Amagatsu (JP) and Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods (CH/B) among others. Looks not so boring to me. Put them in the right order and you will get a free ImPulsTanz T-Shirt!

Just kidding. What is „right“ anyway. Not to speak of order.

„Language“, anyway, „is linear, while dance explodes in multiple perspectives.“ Says Jan Ritsema. So do you dig reading? Do you read dance? You could:

Helmut Ploebst - „No Wind No Word: new choreography in the society of the spectacle.“ (A survey of the work of nine young European choreographers: Meg Stuart, Vera Mantero, Xavier Le Roy, Benoit Lachambre, Raimund Hoghe, Emio Greco, Joao Fiadeiro, Boris Charmatz, and Jerome Bel. Text in English and German, many black and white photographs.). Klaus Kieser Verlag. (find it on

Andrea Amort/Mimi Wunderer-Gosch (Hrsg.) - „?sterreich tanzt“. Dokumentationswerk mit einem ?berblick ?ber die Geschichte des ?sterreichischen Tanzes, vielen Tanzfotografien und einem Lexikon mit den wichtigsten ChoreografInnen ?sterreichs seit 1980. B?hlau Verlag. (zu finden auf;

Michel Feher (Editor) - „Fragments for a History of the Human Body“. The essays, especially comissioned for this project, include the work of historians, anthropologists, literary critics, philosphers and art historians. An astonishing attempt to create the shape, substance, theory and mythology of the human body. Zone Books. (find it on

Stanley Kubrick (director) - „2001 - A Space Odyssey“. The ultimate research on bodies in space and time. Warner Studios. (find it on

Travelling (at least on earth) always opens up quality time for reading so go and visit mysterious neighbourhood countries, loves and ex-loves, your inner self, Springdance (, Potsdamer Tanztage (, IDF Ireland (, Non Io - Art without a subject (, KunstenFESTIVAL des Arts ( or to one of the many individual dance events featured in the Event Data Base on

Joyeux voyage, bon courage and other fun things from France!

Plus Peace! Unconditional.



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