February, 2002

Newsletter 20.02.2002

„Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a FREE GIFT by the Prayer Warriors, a team of telepathic do-gooders. Our research has determined that you are a wise romantic fool with a beautifully broken heart and a kaleidoscopic soul. For mysterious reasons that are patently unfair, you have never actually collected all of the sweet, tender adoration you've earned. Which is where our FREE GIFT comes in. To claim it, simply go to sleep this evening as usual. During the night the Prayer Warriors will induce in you a dream of the smartest love you have ever experienced. When you wake up tomorrow you will know exactly what to do to raise your Love IQ by 20 points!“

is what the Libras among you are apparently facing this week. At least according to Rob Breszny‘s „Free Will Astrology“ ( Which has not by chance been called „Real Astrology“ beforehand.

Those of you who are no Libras with broken hearts but Contemporary Dancers without a job have good prospects, too, though: there is plenty of auditions going on these days! A famous Italian song says: „Chi non lavora, non fa l‘amore“. A famous Madonna T-shirt reads: „Italians do it better!“. What‘s holding you back?!

15/02/02: Compagnie Pal Frenak (Budapest)
16/02/02: Volksoper Wien/Liz King (Vienna)
18/02/02: Tanztheater Irina Pauls (Heidelberg)
22/02/02: Purchase College (New York)
25/03/02: Arnhem Dance Academy (Arnhem)

Details to these dates and a whole bunch more of them can be found on the free Event Database on!

You are a Contemporary Dancer without a job, yet so because you do not WANT a job but instead to continue educating yourself resp. researching? Check out the „news“ section of which features an article on scholarship programmes around the world. Not all may have as much funds available as the Arts Council of England (, but may be much more focused on contemporary dance like danceWEB ( - they all are worth a try - many of them are yet to be convinced of the importance of our art form and who could do that better than you!

Maybe your best friend? Your colleague? If so, why don‘t you forward this letter to him/her? I promise also to give you a less mysterical movie tip than last time! Or maybe a music one? „Encounters“ by Mödling‘s Sofa Surfers - their sound is quite cinematic anyway. „Can I Get A Witness“ is my personal favourite. In case you wondered.

Love! Passion! Ben & Jerry‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!



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