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November, 2001

Newsletter 12.11.2001

„I hope the Euro is coming soon, cause I am really running out of Lira.“
Anonymous, South Tyrol, Italy

Dear movers,

today is the anniversary of Old School Hip Hop. Hip hop, I hope, is celebrating itself and its friends day by day, still its community sure has an honest sense for taking its tradition seriously. Its community has, not its industry. So congratulations! More on hip hop at (platform) (platform) (platform) (dance) (mostly music) (dance) (platform)

Another anniversary concerns Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker‘s Rosas ( It is their 20th and it effects the entire next year through excessive touring and an exhibition on Rosas among other activities. The Viennese locals and visitors will thus hopefully be able to enjoy the work of this exceptional artist also in 2002. I will check back with the lads and lassies of ImPulsTanz for confirmation.

These meanwhile have juiced up their online representation ( its „News“ deaprtment is now featuring infotainment for danceheads: headlines and stories covering issues worldwide (e.g. on contemporary dance in New York after September 11 resp. the TV documentary „The swan is dead“). You are encouraged to comment on it and post your own statement. Regularly invited, you are.

In this friendly month of November an invitation goes out also from the European Commission: its cultural programme „Culture 2000“ is having new deadlines approaching considerably fast. So if you have a visionary project, at least 2 office members ready to fully indulge in application preparation and an already existing network of possible partners - - November 15, 2001 for the 1-year projects, November 30, 2001 for the 3-year projects! Lots of details are available at

Other than that:

Athens: 16/22
Bangkok: 28/32
Dakar: 21/25
New Delhi: 16/26
Palermo: 16/22
Sydney: 15/23

Warmly yours



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