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July, 2001

Newsletter 03.07.01


Dear sensitives,

I heard that those who missed the stomach butterflies in May can apply for an extension way into July.

I also heard that capricorns (who have had a tough half year 2001 so far) are facing an all joyous second half.

Then I heard that the opening event of ImPulsTanz on July 11 at 10pm is not only featuring a decent party in the more than decent cupola hall of MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art Vienna) but first of all fancies the rerun of
Christine Gaiggs sensual "Sacre Material" open air on premises of the brandnew Vienna MuseumsQuartier. Max Nagl, Mike Casey, Philipp Harnoncourt and some cranes will apparently work out a splendid sound and lighting setup complementing the dance.
So I heard.

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker did not want to beat around the bush here either and asked Ictus Ensemble to join Rosas on their trip to Vienna. As a consequence Steve Reich's inspirational influence on her work can be seen, heard and felt at ImPulsTanz 2001 between July 17 and 22.

>From what I hear, Calabria is a gorgeous spot. Calabria must wait. I myself am going to hang in Vienna.

Oh! One more crucial thing, which I heard: the gelateria on Schwedenplatz is launching 82 different tastes of icecream this summer. Aaaah? I knew this would finally win you over...

Keep it cooking


You should hear one last thing, brought to me by some night owl from the ImPulsTanz office: "Lloyd Newson is not the only exceptional artist teaching a PRO SERIES project this summer. Just check the research department at and you will see!". Go figure.

More things for the contemporary ear:
+ (beatbox, mouth percussion & more; live on July 26 at WUK in Vienna)
+ Fred Frith - "Step Across the Border" (O.S.T.)
+ Guy Yarden, Doug Henderson etc. - "An Ear for A Leg" (2CDs with dancescores of NY composers)
+ Max Nagl Quartet - "Melange á trois" (Soundtrack for a film never made). Live at MUMOK Vienna on July 11.

Plus them birds screaming at 5am when heading home from work.


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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