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Newsletter 03/2001

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Wien, März 2001

SMS, ICQ, WWW, BRB, ... the zero years like it short and simple. Great indeed, that nevertheless you are interested in something as long and complex as „Contemporary Dance“! Great, as we got something in common here.

Me, I am Juice. I am a beta person writing a beta version of a beta newsletter for ImPulsTanz. As of now I want to keep our shared interest cooking by providing you with monthly updates on contemporary dance in Vienna and worldwide. Voilà some late March 2001 news:+ ImPulsTanz 2001 - performances/workshops/research projects in Vienna this summer: dates & first programmation rumours

+ danceWEB 2001 - European Scholarship Programme for Contemporary Dance: dates, absolutely lethal registration deadline, Mark Tompkins - danceWEB Coach 2001!
+ Event Database performances, workshops, auditions worldwide - easy & free to check in, easy & free to announce.
+ top events of the upcoming weeks
+ contemporary dance links: BelgiumKeepinitupkeepinitup.

And - remember two of the most important facts:
1) Everything is part of it.
2) It is never too late to have a happy childhood.Yours


ImPulsTanz 2001 -

For 4-5 weeks this summer (mid July to mid-August) ImPulsTanz 2001 will offer you

+ works of more than 20 international choreographers and contemporary dance artists hosted in 3-5 Viennese venues
The festival will provide its audience with the opportunity to experience various confrontations: established companies such as Rosas, Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Wim Vandekeybus & Ultima Vez will feature both new works and classics from their repertory, twen choreographen (Akram Khan, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Salva Sanchis) can be perceived in relation to their idols/.........., blackbox theater Old School meets research work New School.

+ contemporary dance workshops for absolute beginners, advanced and professional dancers
movement loving people of any state of dance education get the chance to work with and get insight in the artistic world of internationally renowned teachers. All-popular guests such as Joe Alegado, Elizabeth Corbett, Pascal Couillaud, Frey Faust, Milton Myers, or Janet Panetta, will be joined by artists such as Niels „Storm“ Robitzky (Berlin), Risa Steinberg (New York) and Milli Bitterli (Vienna).

+ research projects for professional dancers and young choreographers
experienced choreographers will join with selected artists in a research oriented process. Tom Plischke, for instance, will offer a PRO SERIES project on „Process Design and Evaluation“ before choreographing „Einstein on the Beach“ in Rouen this fall. Also Lloyd Newson will interrupt his sabbatical year in order to host a research project in Vienna. More information by mid-April.

danceWEB -

MARK TOMPKINS (Paris) will be danceWEB Coach 2001!

„Ever since I started performing, I am improvising.“
American Mark Tompkins has been living and creating in France since 1973, where he created solos and participated in collective performances, e.g. with Harry Sheppard, Lila Green, Elsa Wolliaston, Hideyuki Yano, Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson. In 1977 he initiated the series „glass houses“ and was co-founder of „Theater Autarcique“, which created projects in unoccupied houses. In 1983 Mark Tompkins founded his own company I.D.A. - International Dream Association. From 1998 to 2000 Cie. I.D.A. - Mark Tompkins was company in residence at Résidence Strasbourg Danse where „Remixamor“ (2000) was created. Parallel to his activities as artistic director, he continues a research in the art of improvisation through his teaching and his encounters with other dancers, musicians, light designers and visual artists.

ImPulsTanz and Mark Tompkins have gone a long way together: In 1989 Mark Tompkins presented his solo „La Valse de Vaslav“, an homage to Nijinsky, as well as „Nouvelles“, a piece for his company. Three years later he created „Witness“. „Channels“, a large scale urban fantasy for seven dancers and three musicians, was shown in 1995. Finally Mark Tompkins presented his solos „Icons“ and „Under My Skin“ among others in 1998.
All through these 12 years he has also been teaching at PRO SERIES and the INTERNATIONALEN TANZWOCHEN WIEN.

Mark Tompkins will be the coach of danceWEB 2001.
Photo material of Mark Tompkins can be viewed at:


danceWEB 2001: the application time officially ended last week. Late registrations will be received until March 31, 2001!
The registration form can be downloaded by klicking here: .
Further inquiries can be directed to Johanna Ortler at danceWEB (


You are curious about dance performances in London this upcoming weekend? Who will host an audition in April 2001 in Europe? Where you could attend workshops this spring?

If you want announce and promote your own contemporary dance event, be it performance, workshop, research project, audition, contest, etc. - just klick here: , log in and announce your event free of charge!

Top Tips in March/April

28.03.2001 Düsseldorf/D Compagnie De Brune: DOCUMENT 2 Performance
31.03.2001 Annecy/F "Helikopter" - "MC 14/22"/BALLET PRELJOCAJ Performance
05.04.2001 Minneapolis/USA Emio Greco & PC - Extra Dry Performance
06.04.2001 Gent/B Les Ballets C de la B / Koen Augustijnen Audition
06.04.2001 Gardanne/F "Pièces courtes" / BALLET PRELJOCAJ Performance
08.04.2001 Wien/A 4. ÖTR - CONTEST 2001 Contest
Source: danceWEB Event Database on

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