ImPulsTanz Workshop 2016 by Libby Far © Karolina Miernik
ImPulsTanz Workshop 2016 by Libby Far © Karolina Miernik

ImPulsTanz bietet mit über 3.000 Teilnehmer*innen an den Workshops und Research Projects ein perfektes Forum für Compagnien und Schulen, um neue Künstler*innen zu entdecken. Die Student*innen haben die Möglichkeit, ihre Fortbildung mit einem Job oder einer Ausbildungsperspektive zu verbinden. Sollten Sie Interesse haben, im Rahmen von ImPulsTanz eine Audition zu veranstalten, so kontaktieren Sie uns unter

Wir bieten:

  • Internationale Ankündigung der Audition (Drucksorten und online)
  • Vorbereitung / Abwicklung / Veranstaltung der Audition
  • Weiträumiges Studio mit Tonanlage (auch Klavier, wenn gewünscht)
  • Lehrer*in / Korrepetitor*in, falls gewünscht

ImPulsTanz welcomes more than 3.000 participants to the workshops and research projects each year and therefore offers a perfect forum for companies and schools to discover new artists. The students can combine their further education activities with a job or education perspective. If you are interested in holding an audition within the frame of ImPulsTanz and benefiting from this platform, please contact us at

We offer:
• international announcement of the audition (print and online)
• preparation / handling / hosting of the audition
• large studio space with sound system (piano, if needed)
• class teacher / accompanist (if needed)


Auditions 2021

Kunsthumaniora Brussels

Sunday, 25 July, 09:00–13:00, Arsenal Studio 1 (Arsenal Objekt 19, 1030 Vienna)

From September 6 onwards Kunsthumaniora Brussels starts with a one-year emerging contemporary dance program. Partnering up with important players in the contemporary dance field such as P.A.R.T.S. (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker), David Hernandez, Tic Tac Arts Centre (David Zambrano), AP Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Ultima Vez (Wim Vandekeybus) and Bérengère Bodin (les ballets C de la B), Kunsthumaniora Brussel is establishing an intense and unique one-year dance program.

The program offers a year of full time dance training by the Belgian based staff of Kunsthumaniora Brussels and international guest teachers/choreographers. With daily courses such as contemporary dance, improvisation, composition, placement, yoga, practical anatomy, ballet, modern dance, singing and audiovisual training, your physical condition will be prepared to audition for bachelor programs in dance throughout Europe. Training will build towards a peek of 30 to 40 hours of dance a week combined with personal studies and work.

Included in the program are three 4-week choreographic labs, through which you will get the opportunity to perform in three different creations (Bérengère Bodin, David Hernandez & Ivan Schauvliege). Through self-reflection, coaching and work field orientation we will prepare you for auditions for projects and companies, admission tests for higher education in dance and networking on your further path.
Through extra muros activities we will regularly visit dance performances, lectures and try-outs in the city of Brussels to broaden your knowledge as an artist and connect with the artistic scene.

We are looking for eager young dancers who can’t wait to dive into this exciting new program and are pursuing a career in contemporary dance as a dancer, performer, choreographer, dance teacher or therapist. Applicants can come from different backgrounds, but a solid base in contemporary dance technique and a broad interest in the contemporary arts scene are important requirements.

Requirements to enter the program:
- Age: between 18 (before December 31st) and 24 years old
- graduated in a secondary school degree
- able to express and communicate in English/ French
- move to Brussels/Belgium as a home basis
Tuïtion Fee:
- 950 euro for Belgians
- 1500 euro for Non-Belgians or international students
The registration fee includes:
-10 to 15 extra muros activities (performances, lectures, ...)
-4 intensives/workshops (Tic Tac Arts Centre, Ultima Vez a.o.)
-A personal screening by physiotherapist Audrey De Bry (
-All classes of the full year program

Audition process:
- This audition will be organised as a workshop in which we can evaluate your starting situation for contemporary dance, ballet, your physical condition and your creative curiosity and artistry.
- After the physical part of the audition, a personal interview will follow with feedback and the result of the audition.
-The audition in Vienna will be led by Roman Van Houtven and Mat Voorter as a guest teacher

Audition dates:
Vienna (Austria): Sunday, 25 July , 09:00–13:00 at ImPulsTanz
Brussels (Belgium): Monday, 30 August , from 13:00–17:00 at Kunsthumaniora Brussel

In order to register for the audition, send a short CV in English or French to Lenneke Rasschaert (dance coordinator at the Kunsthumaniora),

For international students who can’t attend the auditions, there is the possibility of a digital admission test. You can send in video fragments and we can organise an online interview about your motivation. Send a mail to the mail address above, and we will provide you with the necessary information and tasks. The deadline for the digital audition will be Monday,  23 August.

For more information concerning the program and the upcoming auditions, go to

Photo © Olympe Tits


Research workshop for professional dancers
towards future collaboration / relation with & by Mirte Bogaert
Saturday 31 July, Sunday1 August, 12:00-15:00, Arsenal • Studio 3

If you are interested please send an email to by Thursday 29 July .

Workshop REtransLATE
For the next creation REtransLATE, Mirte Bogaert is looking forward to get in touch with professional dancers at ImPulsTanz to have 2 workshop sessions together of 3 hours on 31 July & 1 August at Arsenal. In these workshop sessions we are going to research some of the current questions related to the creation of the piece.

REtransLATE is a performance about translation and (mis)interpretation. Translating in this project takes point of departure in the aspects of communication beyond the meaning in the words: the audible and rhythmical, the breath, the intonation, the movement of the gaze and the relation to the moving body. During the pre-project, a dance material in 5 variations was developed. This movement material, as well as texts - that will be developed together- are the base to be interpreted and translated by the artists involved in the creation.

For this creation Stephan Meidell is the sounddesigner/musician, Randiane Sandboe is the lightdesigner, now Mirte Bogaert is looking forward getting in touch with dancers to research movement material during the workshop sessions as well as possibly getting in touch with dancers to collaborate with for the creation.

Creation process starts in the spring of 2022, with premiere in October 2022 during Oktoberdans at BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway.

Mirte Bogaert is looking for professional dancers that are eligible to work in Europe. Dancers that are interested in the project and open to collaborate with artists from different disciplines, as well as having a strong base in contemporary techniques and improvisation, can send an email with a short text where you describe which languages you speak, what the relation of language and dance means to you as well as what motivates you to take part in these workshop sessions. Send as well a cv and a link to a video of you dancing to Please take contact if you have questions or concerns.

More info about previous work:


Alleyne Dance is seeking strong, passionate, expressive dancers to cast in the Research & Development period and for our new production, Far From Home.

Saturday, 14 August, 09:00–15:00, Arsenal Studio 1 (Arsenal Objekt 19, 1030 Vienna)

Alleyne Dance is looking for individuals from all genres, experiences and cultures who are comfortable in their skin and love to express themselves through the body. 

All genres of dance styles / circus skills / dance theatre are welcomed to apply. 

They are looking for: 

  • Highly skilled & versatile performers versed in a range of performance styles
  • Experienced in partner work & floor work
  • Dancers that can be emotive and are skilled in theatrical performance (embody characters)
  • Interest in teaching to all ages and communities
  • 3 years of contemporary dance training preferred but not essential 

*Please note that they are specifically looking for dancers that can work in the UK for this stage in the research.  

Successful dancers will be invited to the Alleyne Dance R&D process from 15–18 November 2021 in Newcastle, UK.

Creation period & touring planned for spring / summer 2022 onwards.

To Apply
Send your CV, motivation letter (no more than one page), headshot and 2min video showing your versatility and performance qualities to: 

1st August 2021 



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