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Poetic Landscape

danceWEBbers Jodie Judy Lu YingChu and Francisco Martinez Buceta in conversation about 42 Anne Juren, 08.08.2019.

F: This piece is like a landscape, a poetic experience. All the elements including
the body, light, sound, etc., it feels like travelling in different landscapes.

J: Do you feel like this is like a minimalism work?
F: It’s more like manipulating the time, suspending the time. Spectators can see the landscape on stage, can sink into their own thoughts, can hear sound from others in the theatre, and be attentive to what’s happening on stage again, like flowing in time.

J: I noticed that there might be speakers around the audience seats since I heard
Anne Juren’s counting voice as if she is whispering by my ears, very sexy.

F: For me the voice is another layer of the landscape.

J: How do you feel about the first image, the scenography, where half of her is
inside the curtain with black costume whereas on the upper stage there is a
naked body?

F: Also a landscape and beauty, a construction. I didn’t need to understand
what she wants to express, I just enjoyed a beautiful image. The other day we saw Go Figure Out Yourself by Ultima Vez, in which dancers were moving spectators from the outside, but this piece is moving you from the inside.



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