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Matter is vibrant

Reflection by danceWeb-artists Alice Heyward and Luísa Marinho Saraiva after No Change, or "freedom is a psycho-kinetic Skill" by DD Dorvillier, 05.08.2019.

They are shadows and projections of each other. Never sharing the same activity yet always at work, at once, together. My body drops, jolts, opens and decompresses as the two dancers choreograph and are choreographed by their relations to their environment.

Objects and humans are striped down to their projective potential and possible entanglements; electrics, clothing, curtains and energetic impulses. Matter is vibrant. The speakers’ buzz folds into the occasion that is composed of materials ebbing and flowing in and out of my conscious perception: the relationship to objects as determined through their sonic traces, the pleasure of analogue vibrations tuned into digital sounds.

Humour and sincerity weave in and out of each other in the same way the dancers’ movements slowly develop along mysterious lines of curiosity, then switch unexpectedly into different desires, obsessions, pleasures, irritations or reveries. By interacting directly with objects, although in relation to each other, the performers create a space of animistic projection and jerky awkwardness.



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