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Vicious Circle

Audience Speed Dating with Nader and Beril after Mademoiselle x by Maria Matsalu, 28.07.2019.

Do you watch splatter films at home?
Nader & Beril: No. Noo.

What brought you here then?
N: Sheer curiosity. We thought it was slightly more dancy. But it was more art. Which is not bad…

There is this aesthetics using body holes. Are you familiar with that?
That’s completely new to me. Tonight I am a novice. I will look it up further.

What kept your interest, when it was clear that the scenes got repetitive?
We looked for a finality, just like everything in life. But maybe that’s the lesson: There is not always a finality, sometimes it’s just a fucking vicious circle.

I watched you sometimes, because you seemed to take it easy and to make jokes to each other meanwhile a lot of people looked very serious, watching out not to get bloody…
Yeah! We were mostly worrying about the poor guy from the audience who was carrying the candles all the time. I wanted to help him at some point.

But it was not your social night.
Should have gone there!

The poor guy passes along. Nader asks him, if he is okay. Poor guy proudly shows his arm.



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