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Schummeln 2 (Lost in Translation)

Audience Speed Dating with Sylvé and Xiao Hong after Ask the oracle
-the future is now- 
 by Mira Kandathil and Annina Machaz, 27.07.2019.

We just got remembered: With closed eyes some people can see better. Would you like to try it out, close your eyes and tell me in 20 words what you went through tonight?
Sylvé translates into Chinese and vice versa:
Xiao Hong says (with open eyes) that the two girls were really exceptional. Like great girls... Like… Mao Zedong… (it seems that Xiao Hong refers to the expression “great man” which is used for Mao Zedong). It reminds her on the Beijing-Opera, because there are a lot of links with history, cultures and feelings, there is much more than what we see.

Are you into performance?
S: No, not at all. But I take some workshops at ImPulsTanz and I also try out all the public stuff, the public lessons. Xiao Hong just arrived here from China and when I booked the ticket for her, I was absolutely not sure. I told her that the show could be strange. So I am glad she liked it.

Are you friends?
S: For more than 20 years! I met her when I was in China with my little daughter and I wanted to send an Email. There was just one internet-café in Beijing those days and that’s where we met. We talked Russian back then. Because my Chinese was not that good and I used to live in Russia and Xiao Hong was working in a Russian hospital. She then was renting me a bike and took care of my daughter. That’s how our friendship began.

(On the photo: The toilet paper was part of the evening’s theatre decoration.)



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