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Sleepless Nights

Audience Speed Dating at midnight with Nïm*, Stéphane* and Voldemort* after ’d he meant vary a shin’s by Samuel Feldhandler, 26.07.2019.

The piece, we have just seen, loosely refers to the Goldberg Variations. It is said that Bach composed this music for the sleepless nights of an earl whose pianist was called Goldberg. What do you do in sleepless nights?
Stéphane: I smoke a cigarette. Then I maybe smoke another one. Then I try again. And then I would masturbate.
Voldemort: That’s a good one.
Nïm: I need to go outside. I have to sit in a window or go into a garden and see the sky.

Did tonight’s piece make you sleepy or awake or something else?
V: I was not sleepy, but I checked out mentally for the half of it. I was coming back to some thoughts over and over again and this kind of continuity helped me resolve a few questions. So yes, I guess the show kept me awake but I wasn’t paying attention either.
N: It didn’t make me sleepy at all. I tried to figure out the structure and I thought a lot about the independent dramaturgy of the light.
St: I was trying to unravel the magic trick of it and that made me very awake. But I often couldn’t access it and this at the end made it almost unbearable for me.

It’s interesting that we sometimes come to this state of a show being unbearable – not because it’s so bad but because we can’t connect anymore. Why is that? It’s just an hour but sitting in a bar for an hour is nothing in comparison.
St&V: I think our brain needs a stimulus. Due to the social convention in the theatre you mostly can’t go in and out, you feel more or less locked in. In a bar nobody bothers if you stand up and go, unless you don’t pay the bill.

*Noms donnés par les spectateurs⋅spectatrices



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