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Call it man

Audience Speed Dating with Mani Obeya after À bras-le-corps by Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas, 18.07.2019

Listening to virtuosic music, a lot of people can enjoy it with closed eyes and move into an inner landscape. How, in comparison, do you perceive virtuosic dance?
Of course, you could also close your eyes and listen to the sound, there is always sound and rhythm. But I think there is something energetic when you are watching dance that when you can tap into, you can ride along the performance. If you are close enough to hear the breath, like today, it is even stronger: you immediately connect, you empathize, you imagine yourself in. Unless you can play the piano, you won’t easily identify with a piano player.  It’s much easier to empathize with a body in movement. Music is on that level more abstract, dance more concrete.

If a music virtuoso makes a mistake, it will cause a wrong tone. If a dancer makes a mistake, it can cause serious injuries. Is it a male quality to play with that challenge so explicitly like tonight?
I don’t know if I call it male. I don’t know. I call it “man”. It’s very manlike to push our borders and boundaries and possibilities. Which sometimes elevates us, but sometimes doesn’t at all. That tendency to push us towards the extreme gets us in trouble sometimes. That’s very human, that’s maybe where we are globally.



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