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Tue Greenfort & Frank Willens
© Tue Greenfort & Frank Willens

Tue Greenfort & Frank Willens

Wasted bodies

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Whether we like it or not, we will inevitably end up in the landfill. Our bodies will be transformed in some radical way. Our histories may or may not be remembered. Our ideas may end up in books or inventions, in videos or paintings, but our bodies will be gone. Our images will be debris floating around the web. We are already beautiful garbage. Our meaningful lives will be heaped onto the compost, remnants from our over-abundance. Our movements, gestures, thoughts, memories will all be waste. Our flesh will end up discarded, unpreserved, transformed into grass or soil, perhaps a pear tree that will bear fruit to be eaten, juiced, or otherwise consumed, or merely ash carried along by the wind, or maybe just a pile of bones to be pieced together by a future species trying to understand what happened to the humans. Our materials will inevitably be recycled, and it doesn’t matter into which bin they’re placed.

In this weekend workshop two Berlin-based artists Tue Greenfort and Frank Willens, a visual artist and a choreographer/dancer respectively, go searching for discarded/overlooked materials, both in the world and in the body, which can be transformed/exploited/celebrated. It is a collaboration between disciplines, a multi-leveled conversation between artists and their practices. 

ArtistBio: Tue Greenfort
ArtistBio: Frank Willens
Workshopübersicht 2017
Intensive3: 05. Aug + 06. Aug 2017


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