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ImPulsTanz Workshop 2013 © Karolina Miernik

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ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2011 © Raffael Frick

ImPulsTanz festival lounge - designers wanted!

ImPulsTanz is looking for artists or (stage) designers, who would like to devise and realize a nice look for our legendary ImPulsTanz festival lounge in Vestibül, Burgtheater!
Motto 2014: "Let us all be heroes!"


Marta Lamovsek
© Marta Lamovsek

Ismael Ivo

Modern Flow

A sensation of vitality

Moving beyond the mechanics and releasing into the intention that drives every movement.

A careful warm up not only prepares muscles and joints for rigorous movements but focus your mind and energy. This class is inspired on the modern dance technique created by Lester Horton in combination with a range of an organic form of exercises aimed to the quality of your relaxation, breathing, and rhythm. There is an incorporation of meditative exercises, each of which increases bodily awareness and sensitivity. Special attention is given to the flow of movement from verticality, spirals and ground touching. A simple movement at the moment you bend your knees brings the energy in the body to radiate up and out creating a sensation of vitality. The idea is to use the ligaments in the body as elastic bands and imagine water on the functions of joint articulations. Furthermore a special attention is given to increase the flexibility and release in the upper torso, a sharpness of movement of arms and legs.

Prepare the body and free the mind for the richness of movement experience.

ArtistBio: Ismael Ivo
Workshopoverview 2013
Week1: 15. Jul - 19. Jul 2013
Week3: 29. Jul - 02. Aug 2013
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