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Probably the most swinging gift idea!

As of now our popular vouchers are available again! Be it for one of the more than 200 workshops or the versatile performance programme, with our vouchers you can give unforgettable dance moments to everybody, young or old, talented or just enthusiastic, as a swinging Christmas gift.

© Johanna Figl

Club Cards 2015

As of now the Club Cards 2015 are available online! One of our three tailor-made club offers will definitely suit you - or someone you would like to make happy with this perfect gift!

Wiener Staatsballet "Blaubarts Geheimnis" © Michael Pöhn

ImPulsTanz Club partners

As a member of the ImPulsTanz Club, you benefit from discounts amongst others at the Wiener Staatsballett, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, the mumok, the Leopold Museum, the Schaupielhaus Wien, etc.

_ 2012 _ performances : 57 RESULTS

© Ella Esque

A Tribute to Franz West

in memoriam

"in memoriam" in the night of Sunday, August 5, to Monday, August 6 with participation of: Cecilia Bengolea, François Chaignaud, Ivo Dimchev, Clara Furey, Chris Haring, Trajal Harrell, Benoît Lachambre,...
© Eva Würdinger

An Kaler

Insignificant Others (learning to look sideways)

„Insignificant Others (learning to look sideways)“ Three young people dance beside each other. They avoid getting into closer contact with each other. Their eyes meet a couple of times, but that’s...
[8:tension]  2012
© Fengran Zhou

Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger

What they are instead of

Angela Schubot (DE) & Jared Gradinger (DE/US) "What they are instead of" Breathing, panting, pressing and rubbing more and more vigorously against each other – Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot...
© Winnie Mahrin

Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger

is maybe

Angela Schubot (DE) & Jared Gradinger (DE/US) "is maybe" They stay really close to each other. After their success with the duet “What they are instead of”, Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot...
© Christoph Lepka

Anne Juren


Anne Juren (AT/FR) & Annie Dorsen (US) „Magical“ A magic trick is the epitome of the bourgeois concept of entertainment. – Whether this is true or not, the Viennese choreographer born in...
CPA*  2012
© Kaja Brezocnik

Azra Ibrahimovic & Aleksandar Georgiev & Jovana Rakic Kiselcic

Concerto for three bodies

Azra Ibrahimovic (HR) & Aleksandar Georgiev (MK/BG) & Jovana Rakic Kiselcic (RS) „Concerto for three bodies“ How does communication work between music as a system of sound and the performative...
[8:tension]  2012
© Laurent Paillier

Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud

Danses Libres

Cecilia Bengolea (FR/AR) & François Chaignaud (FR) „Danses Libres“ An amazing travel through time to Paris during the interwar years. Deeply impressed by Isadora Duncan’s aesthetics, François...
© Alexandra Richter

Christine Borch

the body that comes

„the body that comes“ New venue: The performance of Christine Borch takes place at Schauspielhaus! A woman plays about with a long worm made of thick natural wool – a protection but at the same...
[8:tension]  2012
© Rodolphe Martin

Cie. I.D.A. / Mark Tompkins

Opening Night – a vaudeville

"Opening Night - a vaudeville" There are Mr T and Junior, an aged professional dancer and a young outsider. They have brought a few songs with them, which they put together into a good old variety show....
© Ismael Ivo

Cie. Ismael Ivo

Francis Bacon

Cie. Ismael Ivo (DE/BR) / Johann Kresnik (DE/AT) „Francis Bacon“ A naked sphinx, with her legs in a white sack and a butcher’s knife for crutches. A body hanging from the ceiling like a carcass....
© Bengt Gustafsson

Cie. Trajal Harrell

Antigone Sr.

"Antigone Sr." Trajal Harrell’s series “Twenty Looks – Paris is Burning at The Judson Church” was presented in the formats (XS), (S) and (M) at last year’s ImPulsTanz. And its success on the...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Claudia Bosse

Claudia Bosse

your energetic democratic body!

Claudia Bosse (AT/DE) & Choreographers' Venture Group "your energetic democratic body!" Can a body be democratic? Are bodies political or antidemocratic? Or are democratic bodies “anti-bodies”?...
© Reinhard Werner

DANS.KIAS / Saskia Hölbling

body in a metal structure

DANS.KIAS / Saskia Hölbling (AT) & Laurent Goldring (FR) „body in a metal structure“ This structure must always seem a little out of place, because for Saskia Hölbling from Vienna it is a...
CPA*  2012
© Valerie Archeno

David Wampach


„SACRE“ An extreme experience: a man and a woman nearly breathe the life out of each other. This is how French choreographer David Wampach opens up a new perspective on Vaslav Nijinsky’s Rite...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Andrea Salzmann

Doris Uhlich

Rising Swan

„Rising Swan“ The swans have changed. They wear boots, black leather jackets and full visor helmets, for example. A swan may be a strong woman, mincing on (demi) pointe while recounting the ambitious...
CPA*  2012
© Laura Vuoma

Eeva Muilu & Milja Sarkola

In Human Disguise

„In Human Disguise“ Nudity is bewildering. All too often, it is publicised in connection with violence. Anyway, this is how it seems to the two Finnish choreographers Eeva Muilu and Milja Sarkola,...
[8:tension]  2012
© Jean Luc Tanghe

Fabian Barba

A personal yet collective history

"A personal yet collective history" Young choreographer Fabián Barba has conquered very many hearts on the European dance scene with his “Mary Wigman Dance Evening”. Now the artist from Ecuador...
[8:tension]  2012
© Agathe Poupeney

Faustin Linyekula

Le Cargo

„Le Cargo“ Until now, Faustin Linyekula has been the teller of stories from his home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He developed ten pieces with the Studios Kabako, a company with...
© Anna van Kooij

Florentina Holzinger


„Silk“ A strong young woman in a very blonde wig dances in a white dress with light red stains on it, and she propels a wheelchair on stage: Florentina Holzinger between dream and reality, between...
[8:tension]  2012
© Clive Jenkins

François Chaignaud


François Chaignaud (FR) & Marie-Caroline Hominal (CH/FR) „Duchesses“ Two god-like figures in frames of light. Bathed in mystical light and naked like Greek marble statues, François Chaignaud...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Stanislav Dobak

Georgia Vardarou

Hardcore Research On Dance

„Hardcore Research On Dance“ The solo by the young Greek choreographer Georgia Vardarou is not exclusively addressed to absolute dance specialists among the audience. Quite the contrary. While the...
[8:tension]  2012
© Marian Ivanov

Ivo Dimchev


Ivo Dimchev (BE/BG) & Emilian Gatsov (BG) „Concerto“ He had his breakthrough with the solo “Lili Handel”, and with four featured pieces – “Som Faves”, “I-ON”, “”...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev

the P project

„the P project“ P can stand for anything, says the Bulgarian performance artist and choreographer living in Brussels, Ivo Dimchev, and this is why his P project could be about “a policeman or...
© Ivo Hoftse

Jefta Van Dinther & Minna Tiikkainen & David Kiers


Jefta Van Dinther (SE/NL) & Minna Tiikkainen (FI/NL) & David Kiers (NL) „GRIND“ It’s heavy labour, at least in the beginning. A figure is trying hard to move in the semi darkness of the...
[8:tension]  2012
© Ian Douglas

Jennifer Lacey


„Gattica“ It’s not hard to look into the future, provided you have enough humour: like Jennifer Lacey, who sits down at a table between two candles and makes predictions in her solo “Gattica”....
© Kurt Van der Elst

Joke Laureyns


Joke Laureyns (BE) & Atelier-TeilnehmerInnen "Begegnungen" A group of eight to twelve-year-old dancers will have finished an exciting exploration into the realms of the unspeakable, a search for...
© Herman Sorgeloos

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion

Counting To One Hundred

Jonathan Burrows (BE/UK) & Matteo Fargion (UK/IT) "Counting To One Hundred" Counting To One Hundred is part of an ongoing body of duets by Burrows and Fargion, which build with non-spectacular...
© Mirolto

Ko Murobushi

quick silver

„quick silver“ “The first dancer was a smith”, Kô Murobushi claims. “The first dancer was a traveller.” And: “He had one eye, one leg, one arm.” But even before you may start to feel...
© Arnaldo J.G. Torres

Koffi Kôkô

La beauté du diable

„La beauté du diable“ The Devil’s got style, he is the master seducer on the back of the mirror of morality. And it’s left to Koffi Kôkô to unveil the beauty of evil. The legendary pioneer...
© Chris Haring

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring

The Perfect Garden: ODEON

"The Perfect Garden: ODEON - Mush Room (extended)" A room, with a form like a block and a consistency like a breath, is patiently waiting for occupants. It is liquid loft’s “Mush Room”: another...
CPA*  2012
© Judith Lutz

Manuel Legris

Il faut qu'une porte...

Manuel Legris (AT/FR) & Guests "Il faut qu'une porte..." Contemporary Ballet Gala with kind support of Ballet de l'Opéra National de Paris & Vienna State Ballet with choreographies by Nacho...
© Indigo Hangout

Mårten Spångberg

The Beach, November 14th around 7 p.m. or so

Mårten Spångberg (SE) & Indigo Hangout "The Beach, November 14th around 7 p.m. or so" The Beach... is a remixed journey to dubious locations. The entrance hall to an airport without gates, with...
© Ian Douglas

Miguel Gutierrez


„HEAVENS WHAT HAVE I DONE“ A flamboyant figure unpacks an awful lot of knick-knack and a few books while speaking his mind. The heavy make-up on his face with a stubble is crowned with a pompous...
© Naoko Tanaka

Naoko Tanaka

Die Scheinwerferin

„Die Scheinwerferin“ The flare of a small flashlight. The sound of a moving train. A table, under which Naoko Tanaka has set up a landscape on a black carpet with skewered cutlery, empty biscuit...
[8:tension]  2012
© Arno Bouvier

Olivier Dubois


„Rouge“ Three years ago, he danced his wild, passionate and threatening faun in Vienna. Now the French dancer and choreographer Olivier Dubois is a lonesome hero once more. A man who revolts. Caged...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Carl Anders Nilsson


Programme I

„Programme I“ An extraordinary rendezvous between the Old Viennese ballroom tradition and contemporary diversity. In the former “Grand Etablissement Gschwandner”, one of Vienna’s largest and...
CPA*  2012
© Carl Anders Nilsson


Programme II

"Programme II" An extraordinary rendezvous between the Old Viennese ballroom tradition and contemporary diversity. In the former “Grand Etablissement Gschwandner”, one of Vienna’s largest and...
CPA*  2012
Gschwandner, der große Saal © Carl Anders Nilsson


Programme III

"Programme III" - Special formats, surprises and "Perfektion" - An extraordinary rendezvous between the Old Viennese ballroom tradition and contemporary diversity. In the former “Grand Etablissement...
CPA*  2012
© Michael Slobodian

Par B.L.eux / Benoît Lachambre

Chutes Incandescentes

„Chutes Incandescentes“ A truly rare experience, an enchanting piece – Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre and singer, dancer and author Clara Furey have evoked rather enthusiastic reactions...
© Chistine Rose Divito

Par B.L.eux / Benoît Lachambre


Par B.L.eux / Benoît Lachambre (CA) & Hahn Rowe (US) „Snakeskins“ Benoît Lachambre looks like an old fighting dog, like a vagabond or an avatar, as the protagonist in his solo work about...
© Eva Würdinger

Philipp Gehmacher

solo with Jack

„solo with Jack“ In his new work Philipp Gehmacher takes the idiosyncrasy of his movement language as a starting point to examine together with performer Jack Hauser the promises and the failings...
CPA*  2012
© Hasan Kuyucu

Raul Maia & Thomas Steyaert

The Ballet of Sam Hogue and Augustus Benjamin

Raul Maia (AT/PT) & Thomas Steyaert (BE) „The Ballet of Sam Hogue and Augustus Benjamin“ Two young men enter the stage, put down their backpacks, take off their jackets and all the rest of...
[8:tension]  2012
© Herman Sorgeloos

Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Drumming Live

„Drumming Live“ “Much of my work in the past five years has been about spirals. They are basic forms – as a growth process, as a development in space... I see spirals everywhere.” This is...
© Arne Schmitt

Sebastian Matthias


"Tremor" Colours of the body that consist exclusively of qualities of movement and choreographic elements that overlay each other get Sebastian Matthias’ dancers into a “Tremor”. The result is...
[8:tension]  2012
© Tanz Atelier Wien

Sebastian Prantl / Tanz Atelier Wien

Prélude Walk In - 150 Jahre Claude Debussy

"Prélude Walk In - 150 Jahre Claude Debussy" A spatial installation with Cecilia Li (piano solo), Sebastian Prantl (concept, dance) and Alexsandro Araujo Guerra (dance) with compositions by Claude Debussy...
Special  2012
© Studio 5

Studio 5 / Andrea Maurer & Thomas Brandstätter

The Short Cut

„The Impossible Movement Series #4: The Short Cut“ Oversized graphic apparatuses and fantastic flight experiments, magical effects and rationalistic analyses of movement let Andrea Maurer and Thomas...
CPA*  2012
© Superamas



TALK-SHOW: Perspective & Representation / Painting & Politics in Western and Islamic Societies with Jeffrey Ruda (Prof. of Art History at the University of California, Davis), Olga Hazan (Associate...
CPA*  2012
© Fernanda Nigro

Tanz Company Gervasi


"Tracce-in" To leave behind a trace, to cover it up, to lose it. People want to leave their own trace behind, one having different aspects. Concept and choreographic direction: Elio Gervasi Dance...
Special  2012
© Fernanda Nigro

Tanz Company Gervasi

Erinnern und Vergessen

"Erinnern und Vergessen" What happens to feelings when the memories of the event that caused those feelings fades? A popular theory suggests that memories and emotions are inextricably linked. Is this...
Special  2012
© Michael Strasser

The Bandaloop


„Stardoom“ A concert is both a performance and a dance. But for ImPulsTanz the Austrian electropop band The Bandaloop go one step further for the first time in their history, presenting “Stardoom”....
[8:tension]  2012
© Johannes Gellner

The Loose Collective

Here comes the Crook

„Here comes the Crook“ We all want to know what the future holds. It takes a lot of confidence and imagination, spot-on props from the present and selected memories of the past to speculate about...
[8:tension]  2012
© Filip Vanzieleghem

Thomas Hauert & Scott Heron

Like me more like me

Thomas Hauert (BE/CH) & Scott Heron (US) "Like me more like me" Their approaches are very different, but Swiss choreographer Thomas Hauert, who lives in Belgium, and New York performance artist...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Whitney Browne

Trajal Harrell

Antigone Jr.

"Antigone Jr." The queer New York choreographer Trajal Harrell strikes a blow for tragic-dramatic dance, as once embodied by US American expressionist Martha Graham, in this part of his series “Twenty...
[WildWalk]  2012
© Wonge Bergmann

Troubleyn / Jan Fabre

The Power of Theatrical Madness

„The Power of Theatrical Madness“ "The Power", is a historical performance, not only in Fabre’s body of work - this production signified his definitive international breakthrough – but it also...
© Wonge Bergmann

Troubleyn / Jan Fabre

This is theatre like it was to be expected and foreseen

"This is theatre like it was to be expected and foreseen" The title’s tautological structure (it is as it was) is essentially a double negation. This production is not theatre, and certainly not as...
© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

Ula Sickle

Light Solos

„Light Solos“ Lighting equipment from nightclubs is used to alter the movement of the dancing body. In her two solos "Atomic 5.1" and "solo #2", Ula Sickle provides an unusual dance experience....
[8:tension]  2012
© Wim Vandekeybus

Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus

booty Looting

"booty Looting" For their new production, choreographer Wim Vandekeybus and his company Ultima Vez have worked on life in the sea of images and about the memory that creates or destroys this flood of...
© ImPulsTanz - All rights reserved
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