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Reid S. Baker
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Judith Grodowitz

ALEXANDER LAB - Strategies for Change

ALEXANDER LAB - Strategies for Change - Intermediate Dancers

"A task of self-knowledge for the performer:  to find what liberates your strengths…

One must ask – what am I doing to keep me from my full powers?"

– Daniel Nagrin, dancer, choreographer, educator

Habitual patterns in the body feel normal, even though they may be causing limitation and pain. Like a "white noise" in the room that influences our quality of life in that room, we are often unknowingly restricted by movement patterns that fight our inherent, natural design. We may learn to tune out that background noise -- but as artists and humans, we pay a price for this. Tuning out sensorially works against an artistic orientation, where the senses are the doorway to expression, perception, emotion and connection. 

The Alexander Technique provides experiential insight into how we organise to move in the most basic ways - the underpinnings for the complex activities of dancing and performing. Alexander offers a process to facilitate change and increase awareness, and works to restore kinaesthetic sensory feedback to a reliable state.

The LAB workshop introduces Alexander’s principles for developing this reliable feedback system, promoting a streamlined economy of effort, safety, and pleasure in dancing. Through anatomical explorations, movement etudes, sensory awareness studies, hands-on work, discussion, and improvisational structures, we will explore Alexander’s strategies for change.


ArtistBio: Judith Grodowitz
Workshopoverview 2014
Intensive2: 02. Aug + 03. Aug 2014


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