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Gila Nuriel
© Gila Nuriel

Bruno Caverna

Becoming Animal

embodying instinctual intelligence

By authentically reconnecting to our animal evolutionary legacy we move towards heightened levels of sensitivity, perception, awareness and, consequently, an improvement of motor skills and finer expressions.

The workshop is composed of two interconnected parts: Play-Fight and Floor Work:


Play-Fight blends elements from martial arts, such as Capoeira, Taiji and Russian Systema, with Contact-Improvisation and Contemporary Dance, wherein a play-fight arena becomes the thrilling drive to explore and challenge one another in all different fashions. “Positively intended” is the individual mental tuning required for the rise of a friendly collective ground, from which a visceral and sensuous experience can be safely cultivated and extrapolated. Each encounter carries the latent power to tilt either towards confrontation or collaboration or into a blend of the two. This oscillating course is naturally defined by the unique alchemical potentials from each ever-unfolding duet relationship, sculpted into the depths of vulnerability and honesty.


Floor Work

This specific Floor-Work is grounded on the intimated relationship between movement and breath. We are going to explore the use of human structure at different perspectives in relation to gravity. By crawling across the space we build sequences aligning core-strength in fluid dynamics and explore wave-spiral motions, upside down techniques and headlong practices. The established frameworks become our fertile terrain for the embodiment of a dormant instinctual intelligence capable of operating our bodies effortlessly with ease and grace.

ArtistBio: Bruno Caverna
Workshopoverview 2014


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