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Max Siccordi
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Adriana Borriello

Movement as body’s music – il corpo musicale

This Workshop provides individual and collective practical experience, based on the energetic concepts of movement. It starts with a body work session where movement is felt as ceaseless transformation – transition of forms – balanced between full and empty, tension and looseness. Then work focuses on improvisation and/or composition practices based on the comparison–translation–relationship among the principles of sound and movement, also observing the energetic–dramaturgical features of their declensions.

The practice of listening to one’s own musicality of movement and others’, aims to the expansion and refinement of one’s perceptive, sensorial and analytic skills, producing a natural development of technique and proprioceptive expertise.

The work goes through different stages:

The ontological body  – the body in its essence

To begin by listening to the absence of movement and to the silence of the body, perceiving involuntary movement through the practice of relaxation as an activity, in search of a natural energetic re-equilibrium of the body, investigating about useful relaxation during stillness. Then the emphasis is on moving in a state of relaxation, looking for minimum necessary effort and keeping energetic balance in motion. We delve into practices of different energetic-formal paths of the movement flow and their musicality between moving and to be moved.

The musical body – the body in space/time

To experience the body as matter (full/empty) and vibration (movement/sound) and its linguistic dimension linked to space, time and other bodies. The focus is to decline the unit movement/sound through the practical and conscious experience of some principles concerning the parameters and the organisation of movement and sound. This leads to collectively practise on the experienced topics, some processes for transformations of movement, and improvisational structures with systems of rules.

The anthropologic body  - the body in different cultures

The words of the body - meaning the words to describe movement in terms of actions, principles, parameters, sensations, images, emotive states - become an instrument for observation and declension of the stories written on each of our bodies. The (anthropologic) body, intended as manifestation of the human being in all his or her aspects: mirroring a unique existence (like a digital footprint) but also expressing what culture, collective memory, social environment imprint in ways of moving, in postural attitudes and gestures.

ArtistBio: Adriana Borriello
Workshopoverview 2014
Intensive3: 09. Aug + 10. Aug 2014


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