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Isabelle Meister
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Marco Berrettini


Marx, Bruce Lee, Krishnamurti – The Birth of Dance

This workshops questions the HOW and WHY of every movement. What is our motivation to move? What moves us and urges us to invent something new? How can we be aware of it? How do we prevent to permanently repeat the already learned? How do we translate our inner states into choreographic movements? Can we question our way to move, without questioning our way to live? Of course not! At least as far as I am concerned.

If you, over a number of years, have observed that Performance art and HipHop has breathed new life into Contemporary Dance, it becomes clear, at least in my opinion, that, despite a growing evidence of it, a change or rather a development only will be possible if we are willing to work on ourselves.

A true asceticism, in the literary sense! An "exercise" in ourselves, so to speak. As the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk says in his book "You Must Change Your Life": "…and there are highly toxic substances inside of it. A direct connection exists between the dimension of an author and the dangerousness of the materials he is dealing with and which he tries to master. The insignificant only gives birth to the insignificant, the danger gives birth to the thought, the mind, and when the mind gets to the point where it takes form, we have a moment of art. Any person who can claim to call himself an author contaminates himself with the materials he deals with...".

In this sense, and for the duration of the workshop we get inspired: by the water-philosophy of Bruce Lee, the Marxian critique of the slave and the master, the void-theory of Krishnamurti; we get inspired by what we want, but we inspire ourselves before we breathe out.

My small goals list:

• Exercise concentration in the execution of movement

• Create movements transcending our routines

• Expand the dramaturgical horizon

• Question anew the conditions of the art of improvisation

ArtistBio: Marco Berrettini
Workshopoverview 2014
Week2: 28. Jul - 01. Aug 2014


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