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Isabelle Meister
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Marco Berrettini

Contemporary Flow


Contemporary flow tries to satisfy the needs of the current trends in contemporary dance with a special focus on stamina, fluidity of movements and a wide flexibility. The difficulty of executing the exercises of the training during the motion through space is an advantage for dancers due to a direct confrontation with the accuracy of movements, with breath and endurance, which makes this method a "complete" one.

Contemporary flow is not a "new" technique in dance, but at least a personal and progressive proposal for a workout for dancers.

Contemporary flow is inspired by classical and contemporary dance, yoga, gymnastics and methods based on breathing techniques.

Contemporary flow has received its name from two principal components, which also define it: movements executed through the use of the whole body, in a Contemporary way, in a never-ending flow, without ever being interrupted (flux).

The first 90 minutes are taking place in a diagonal in the dance studio. Starting with simple walking, following the rhythm of the music. Afterwards the steps will be varied: walking backwards, turning, change of rhythm, combinations, speed variations, adding upper body movements, jumps - first small ones then big ones are added, turns, sequences on the floor. The diagonal gets faster and faster. The participants continuously perform the exercises through the diagonal, walking back along one side of the studio, back to the starting point.

Thus the workshop does not have any interruptions, as instructions are also given during the execution. This is an advantage because the rhythm is never interrupted, allowing the breath to play an important role in the training and the body to indulge into the movement.

At the end of the training there will be time for some static exercises. Stretching helps muscles and ligaments to find their way into the right position and breath is calming down before the end of the training.

Contemporary flow is an attempt to synthesise several different approaches of the past decades, without excluding classical dance, yoga and other disciplines. All of this in a fluent way. ;-)

ArtistBio: Marco Berrettini
Workshopoverview 2014
Week2: 28. Jul - 01. Aug 2014


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